Jnana Karya

Journal of Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat (P2M) "Jnana Karya" is a journal that contains the results of community service activities, models or concepts and or implementation in the form of the application of various fields of science including education, engineering, agriculture, social humanities, computers and health. Jnana is a Hindu term derived from the word Jnana Yoga, one of the four roads to God or Catur Marga Yoga. Jnana is the devotion to God by studying science and understanding the essence contained in the science. Karya means to work and produce works that are useful to the Nation of Indonesia. Jnana Karya can be concluded meaning that every human being given the blessing of science, such as: teachers, lecturers, and researchers, is expected to devote his science to the people who need it, for the advancement of the Indonesian nation.
The incoming articles are peer-reviewed by at least two referees. Journal of P2M "Jnana Karya" is issued twice a year.

No Charges for Processing(APcs) and Submission.

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Vol 5, No 1 (2024)

Table of Contents


I Made Madiarsa, Gede Suardana, I Dewa Nyoman Arta Jiwa, Gede Arnawa, Ni Ketut Adi Mekarsari, Luh Artaningsih, I Nyoman Suandana, Ketut Gunawan, Ni Putu Sri Wati, I Gde Made Metera
I Putu Parmila, Putu Shantiawan Prabawa, Made Suarasana, Putu Suwardike, I W G Wiryanata
Gede Rai Sutama, Putu Aditya Pratama, Luh Putu Ary Tjahyanti, Putu Satya Saputra, Yoga Setyawan
Putu Suwardike, I Putu Parmila, Putu Shantiawan Prabawa, Made Suarsana, I W G Wiryanata
I.G Surata, I.G.A.W Sena, N.N Mariadi, I K.K. Arta, Nyoman Surata
I Nyoman Surata, I N G Remaja, N.N Mariadi, I.G.A.W Sena, I.K.K Arta, I.G. Surata, N.K.D Miantari