Suitable Models for Describing Sulphate Desorption Kinetics in Selected Bauchi North Soils of Varying Parent Materials in the Nigerian Sudan Savanna

Murabbi Aliyu, M. Abdulkadir, I.M. Azare, N. Abdu, I. S. Nuhu, A. I. Saminu


The modelling of sulphate desorption data is critical for a proper S diagnosis and fertilizer formulation to ensure profitable crop production. Five (5) models such as first-order, second-order, Elovich, fractional power, and parabolic diffusion were used to test the best model describing sulphate desorption kinetics in some soils from Bauchi-north, Sudan Savanna, Nigeria. To achieve this, soil samples were collected from three different parent materials namely Basement complex rock and two sedimentary rocks (Kerri-Kerri Formation and Chad Formation). The study showed that the parabolic diffusion and first-order models were found to describe S desorption data satisfactorily, characterized by relatively high R2 values and lowest S.E values by soil parent materials, respectively. While, the second-order, Elovich and Fractional power equations failed to describe the kinetics desorption of sulphate in all the studied soils, as judged by their high SE values. Therefore, the better fit of S desorption data to the first-order equation is an indication of probable ligand exchange of sulphate ion during the desorption process, and to parabolic diffusion equation suggests that diffusion-controlled phenomena are rate-limiting steps. Based on the findings, we concluded that the rate of sulphate desorption kinetics in these soils is mainly controlled by diffusion-controlled phenomena, which is critical for sulphate-based fertilizer formulations and applications.


desorption; kinetics; models; parent material; Sudan savanna; sulphate

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